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Splendid Photography by Serena (formerly Snaps by Serena) started as a hobby for me. I am proud to say I was a "mom with a camera" and because of that I found my calling in life as a professional photographer. That did not happen super fast though. To become a professional I have invested more time, energy, love, passion, finances, sweat, education and hard work than I have ever done for anything else in my life (well, except for maybe helping to create and deliver our three children). 

I am the proud mother of three kiddos and along with my incredibly supportive husband, Mike (who is often my assistant at large-scale photography shoots) you will see our life revolves around making this business the most it can be. We work almost non-stop to make sure that what you receive from Splendid Photography is exactly what you deserve and have come to expect.

Here are a few things I love according to my three kids: Indy, our mini-goldendoodle. Coffee. Sleeping in. Taking pictures. God. Daddy. My mom and dad. Going to Starbucks or Emy J's. Going on cruises (ps, I've been on one). Eating at Bamboo House (my husband chimed in on this one... I think he may be hungry at this moment). Playing cribbage. Watching TV. Helping our family. Helping others.